Security system

MLS™ security system is designed for complex perimeter protection of industrial and office facilities, different levels of access into the premises of various categories and object monitoring.

Web-based hardware and software complex Niagara Security™ is used as a platform for security system. It includes control of video surveillance system, access control system and intruder detection system etc. in all controlled areas of the facility.

Application of NiagaraAX Framework™ development environment allows to fully implementing each and all required alternatives of security system organization providing unparalleled opportunities as for integration of various equipment and data transfer protocols.

The system core that implements the program logic and provides the highest reliability of security system as a whole is Tridium™ controllers.

Basic functionality of MLS™ security system:

  • authorization of personnel and company’s visitors in the security system at the entrance and their movement inside the facility;
  • access partition of personnel and visitors to various premises;
  • recording and alerting of security system about all attempts of trespassing into the premises;
  • video surveillance and control of main entrances and inside area of the premises;
  • localization of personnel in the premises;
  • video information archiving according to troubling events detected by security system during the set time period;
  • video recording archiving according to video surveillance areas with the possibility of subsequent single-frame jogging of a situation in each premise by date, time of day etc. It allows company security service of to analyze any alarm situation;
  • automatic access control of personnel to various premises within 24 hours and other particular possibilities;
  • automatic lighting control in the premises according to required conditions.

Executive elements that implement system logic are also important components of security system, i.e.:

  • integrated modular light includes:
    • main lamp with turning on control;
    • emergency light;
    • movement sensor;
    • smoke detector;
    • IP-video camera.
  • Fire-proof door with preliminary installed elements:
    • card reader;
    • electromechanical lock;
    • door opening sensor;
    • built-in door closer of concealed installation.

Installing the system takes a minimum of time at the facility. Reducing installation time achieved by high prefabrication system elements.

All equipment included in the system of pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation. Power and signal cables are made in advance and completed connectors. All connectors are labeled.

More design and functionality details of the equipment used in the security system can be found here: Modular lighting system and here: Integrated security door.