he WCooliT® system is designed to meet the data centers Need for continuity. This is reflected in the high quality standard of all components used.

Even though continuity is based on an always-available redundant WCooliT® unit, the unit itself has in-built redundancy i.e. overcapacity. The control and monitoring system will by design “try” to deliver it’s requested cooling load itself before “asking” for help from the other unit(s).

Next to this, as we all know, Service and Maintenance is vital for correct functioning of any system or part.

To ensure lifelong correct Service and Maintenance, WCooliT® developed its program “WCare4iT”.

This care program is a full All-in service and maintenance agreement with the complete coverage of corrective and preventive maintenance as well as 24/7 monitoring and alarming. Corrective and Preventive maintenance includes everything: from cleaning, painting, lubricating, testing, optimizing to recording.

The WCare4iT is started on a 5-year basis and does not start the first year, but after the warranty year. WCooliT® units have a life expectancy of more than 15 years, and we are willing to make these commitments.

The WCare4iT is at fixed price. There will be no unexpected costs over the lifetime of the data center cooling and the entire WCooliT® Installation. WCooliT® will remain fully responsible for the WCooliT® system.

There are 5 contract items within the Service and Maintenance program by WCare4iT, which can best be described as:

  1. First Aid Kit (included at order). Based on the experiences of our current base of installations worldwide, WCare4iT selected a package of components to be in store on site. This “First Aid Kit” is on site and is replenished after use;
  2. 24/7 monitoring from the WCooliT® Control room. Response time will be recorded in a SLA agreement;
  3. Corrective and preventive maintenance schedule. On a pre-scheduled basis several times a year preventive maintenance is executed. Included are man hours and components and the use of the first aid kit;
  4. Regular reporting. During the Service and Maintenance contract period, WCare4iT will routinely report to the Client, explaining the detailed performance of the installed WCooliT® Unit(s), as well as a summary of the overall performance and Service and Maintenance intervals.
  5. Full (extended) warranty for the duration of the contract. There can be no unexpected expenditures.

Again, the first year after start-up, the WCare4iT program is in place. During the first year WCool4iT will discuss the WCare4iT program with the Client.