WCooliT® is a patented concept for cooling data rooms to minimize the cooling energy consumption.

The WCooliT® concept cools the data center with only one thermodynamic transformation step, the heat wheel, enabling the low required electrical energy. Also, compared to existing cooling concepts, the number of required components is significantly lower, resulting into a very reliable process. This is off course fully in line with the data center basic need for its 24/7 stability and reliability.

The data center in operation with WCooliT will show the cooling energy consumption to be comparable with the losses associated by the UPS. These energy costs become insignificant compared to the energy costs of the IT hardware itself. The reduction of energy consumption also means intrinsically that your data center is “greened”.


We present you today two models Junior and Senior.

These units are completely “Plug and Play”.

All WCooliT units are built in Germany and fully tested before they are transported to your DC location.

This is in our belief the best way to ensure to you flawless and quick installation at your DC site. Off course the WCoolIT units, once installed on your site, will be immediately ready for cooling your DC for many years to come.

In our brochures both the WCoolIT Junior and WCoolIT Senior are described including components, in great detail. Please bear in mind that WCooliT® is designed as a total cooling solution. All the components together generates the WCooliT® solution:

At any ambient temperature occurring at your DC location worldwide, WCooliT® will cool the recirculated airstream to your specified temperature.

The WCooliT® Controller gives you complete freedom to run your data center the way you desire and gives you control over running your cooling system as efficiently and as ”green” as possible. The system also gives you the freedom to adapt to any future change in the specifications for cooling, as for instance defined by ASHRAE. WCooliT® awaits the further introduction of systems like blade centers. Their elevated exhaust temperature only improves the efficiency and capacity of WCooliT®.

The WCooliT® solution always exists of a number of autonomous WCooliT® units. Although the WCooliT® units are built for maximum reliability and low maintenance intervals, there always will be Single Points Of Failure (SPOF) incorporated in the unit installations. This means, by definition that required redundancy needs to be met through installing extra, redundant, WCooliT® units. All the units will be active, the redundant units as well. By sharing the heat load over all the WCooliT® units, the process will run even more efficiently.


Junior and Senior can be applied in most DC buildings, but not all.

We can facilitate your DC with a custom made solution. This can be a specific model based on Junior or Senior but also an in-built solution.

Junior and Senior are designed to meet “plug and play” and have limitations to meet this objective as a result. A custom made solution varies in capacity from 100 – 800 kW, set up to install into your building. Although there will be work on site, the solution will consists of pre-assembled parts to minimize this.


WCooliT® believes it “understands” datacentres; its owners and its users. This is made clear by:


Complete delivery of high capacity cooling units, easy to install! WCooliT® is especially designed to minimize the installation work on site. We believe it should be as easy as mounting and installation of a 19″ server.


All WCooliT® units will be fully operational tested in Germany before they are transported to your DC site. Off course you are invited to witness these tests in person, to convince yourself of the promised specifications and capabilities of the WCooliT® Unit. In the test laboratory the WCooliT® Units will be tested at and above your maximum ambient temperature.

On your specific request we’re also capable of testing the WCooliT® Unit at temperatures of –40°C and lower. In our opinion, it proofs our commitment to make absolutely sure to you and ourselves that the WCooliT® Units will perform flawlessly at your data center at any ambient temperature.


In our brochures, you’ll find apparatus and parts of the highest quality. Many of these parts originate from Europe, but all parts are selected from worldwide supplying companies. Availability of all parts for the designated location of your data center is an integral part of our detail engineering.


Each WCoolIT unit has its own controller as a core of the control system and operates on its own. However, all controllers are connected to a redundant TCP/IP network and share data between each other. In this way, there is no Single Point of failure in topology. Should one controller fail, all other systems remain operational.


WCooliT® will guarantee you the expected energy consumption of your datacentre during its whole 10-year+ life. The integrated power meter accurately measures “our” or your WCoolIT energy consumption. As part of our Care4IT program we’ll report this to you routinely.


Over the last years the DC world has concluded that Physical Separation of the cold cooling air and warm return air should be Physically Separated. Without it, high efficiency cannot be reached. Although the concept is as simple as closing the windows of your car with a running airco, many DC’s today are struggling to obtain proper separation.

This is mostly of inadequate attention to the design of the DC room and Racks itself.

WCooliT’s consultants will gladly assist you in making the right design choices of your DC room.


AirLull® is designed especially for precise balance between the required amount of cooling air and supplied cold air. With AirLull there is no risk of “under flowing” or overflowing” your IT hardware and is maximum efficiency reached.


WCare4iT has a full maintenance and monitoring program for the next 10 years after the start of your data center. WCare4iT can take care of all maintenance, monitoring and reporting activities at fixed costs for you. [Read more…]

WCooliT® Company background

WCooliT® is a brand new Company founded in April 2013. WCooliT® BV is a privately held limited liability company.

Its people have over eighty years experience in operating, maintaining and designing data centers worldwide. WCooliT® could also be considered an “offspring” of KyotoCooling International, since multiple people were involved in the start and growth of this company. The passion of WCooliT® is to innovate, or even better: to improve existing data centres systems. We hope that you’ll find evidence of this, while reading. It’s there for sure!