WCooliT® is a patented concept for cooling data rooms to minimize the cooling energy consumption.

The WCooliT® concept cools the data center with only one thermodynamic transformation step, the heat wheel, enabling the low required electrical energy. Also, compared to existing cooling concepts, the number of required components is significantly lower, resulting into a very reliable process. This is off course fully in line with the data center basic need for its 24/7 stability and reliability.

The data center in operation with WCooliT will show the cooling energy consumption to be comparable with the losses associated by the UPS. These energy costs become insignificant compared to the energy costs of the IT hardware itself. The reduction of energy consumption also means intrinsically that your data center is “greened”.

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Datacenter Rotterdam successfully applies Physical Separation!



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random Data Center, equipped with WCooliT, shows that energy consumption for cooling is similar to the lost, caused by the UPS. Costs are minimal, by comparison with costs of the IT hardware itself!

Intrinsic, the outcome will show that, thanks to sunstantial reduced power consumption, the Data Center becomes a Green Data Center!!

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WCoolit is available for small (Junior – max capacity 215 kW) and big (Senior – max capacity 640 kW) Data Centers read more

project Junior

C -Users-pc96-Desktop-IRS Dubna-WCoolIt Junior Model 1
A solution for small DC’s with a maximum capacity of 215 kW. Click on the picture for more info.

project Senior

C -Users-pc96-Desktop-IRS Dubna-WCoolIt Junior Model 1
A solution for big DC’s with a maximum capacity of 640 kW.
Click on the picture for more info.

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